A May Day celebration quite unlike any other, the Padstow Obby Oss is an ancient festival steeped in mystery. Each and every 1st of May, the Old Oss and Blue Ribbon Oss are let loose from their stables to roam around Padstow. A tradition that has taken place for centuries, the narrow streets of this Cornish fishing port fill with tens of thousands of people every year, all jostling for a glimpse of the famous Obby Oss…

You can find out more about what happens on Padstow’s Obby Oss Day right here. Take a look at photos and watch videos of the festival, listen to the traditional music and singing of the May Song, and read more about the fascinating history of May Day in Padstow.

For stories from past years, festival updates, and other information check the news page of the website. If you are unable to make it to Padstow on the day, you can tune in to one of the live cams and watch from anywhere in the world.